Design and Engineering

Thanks to our specialists Firs Stampi is able to offer the final customer full support on all the activities related to the process, from the design to the final molding of the part.

The mold design activity is carried out by the in-house technical department: thanks to modern 2d and 3d CAD systems we develop all the projects with the almost care because every mold must guarantee constant functionality, duration and quality over time.

FIRS STAMPI can directly operate in the design of the product/process and carry out co-design activities directly with the customer.

Base with 16 cavities
396 x 396 x 500 cm

Seatbelt support with 8+8 cavities
696 x 946 x 450 cm
2800 kg - 1 fixed side + 2 mobile sides
1800 kg - 1 fixed side and 1 mobile side

Support + cover
546 x 546 x 500 cm
1000 kg

Connection pipe with 2 cavities
396 x 446 x 500 cm
600 kg

With the Moldex3d software we can also perform the analysis of filling flows to understand possible deformations and critical issues of the particular in advance to ensure that the equipment can be 100% more accurately representative of the actual production conditions.

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